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Own A German Car? You Need To Read This!

For any car enthusiast, owning a classic car is a lifelong dream, and when things go wrong with it, you need to take your car to a garage you can trust.

At Auto Service and Tuning Centre in Hitchin, we specialise in classic car care and lean towards German manufacturers, (this doesn’t mean we deal with them exclusively though!)

Our fantastic service team are experts in caring for your BMW, Mini, VW, AUDI, Mercedes, and Porsche, and can also provide an excellent service for your Landrover, Jaguar, and many more. 

Important Changes

Hardcore enthusiasts will know that that any classic car more than 40 years old is exempt from MOT Testing. Owners volunteer their cars for an MOT if they feel it is necessary. At Auto Service and Tuning in Hitchin, we work with classic car owners to service, repair, or MOT their vehicles to an exceptional standard. Your safety on the road is our motivation, and providing you with in depth information regarding your classic car is paramount to prolonging the life of the vehicle.

Common Problems

1) Your classic car parts might not be available.

Because we are experts in Classic German Cars, we have access to the parts you may need or can find you suitable modern day equivalents.

2)Reduced MPG

Things get old and die. It’s the way of the world, but we recently became an official TerraClean service agent, and can clean all the built up carbon around your engine. This has been proven to increase MPG and performance.

3)Finding a reliable vehicle technician

Look no further. Our regular customers would back us up in saying that we are the best vehicle servicing garage in the county. We are honest, reliable, and affordable. 

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